Birth of Emersyn // Castle Rock Birth Photographer

This post has been a LONG time coming. I was extremely late getting it up since we moved less than two weeks after photographing this sweet girl coming into the world.

It was the third delivery for momma and she was in early labor for a long time. I was on pins and needles, watching my phone for a good 3 days while she went through contractions. By the time I got the text saying she was officially admitted, I didn’t know if I should believe it or not! I rushed up to the hospital though because I was terrified she would progress so quickly, that I would miss it!

9494755961_fe368ed321_b9494761043_c8ea01f896_b9497549850_c7907a29af_b9497562370_278973294f_bA loooong 11 hours later and a short nap on the floor of the room (don’t judge) we were ready to rock! Less than 5 minutes later, Emersyn made her entrance into the world!10311583545_81e1cd542d_b


10311600006_4ff2943860_b10311605406_3c89fca31b_b10311531904_f3637293e9_b10311607506_3d9bac0ab5_b10311727683_1ef9cef087_b10311731973_31816c8091_bThank you so much to the B family for letting me photograph my first birth. What an amazing experience. I’m hooked.


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