I’m Danielle.

Glory to God for all of it. Every day.

Every joy and every challenge.

He is the reason for everything I do.


my faith, which gets me through each day

my hard working, handsome husband

my 3 hilarious kids

coconut & dark chocolate, especially together


socks (okay, but only when I need to wear boots)

pumpkin spice anything

having any more biological babies


everything Joanna Gaines designs

Lake Dillon, Colorado

horses of all shapes and sizes


 a large farm with horses, chickens, goats and a nightly view of Colorado sunsets over the Rockies

a renovated barn being our house

hiking all the Colorado 14’ers

visiting each continent


The passing of my dad was the kick in the gut that made me realize life is short, but our legacies live on forever. Photos are timeless and video captures voices, quirks, movement, relationships. They help us remember and pass on those memories. That loss is the reason I do what I do. Whether it’s capturing the big moments like welcoming your child into the world, a once in a lifetime vacation, a milestone birthday party or they are the more “average” events like a camping trip or a day in your life, I want your family legacies to live on.