I don’t want any MmM’s

We’ve started Potty Training: Take 2. To be honest, we started last summer, soon after Davis turned two. Jordyn was fully potty trained by the time she was 2 years, 2 months. But well, I think Jordyn’s kind of a freak. And Davis is… a boy. I’ve worked in childcare long enough to know that boys usually just take longer, aren’t as interested, too busy playing to stop, blah blah blah. Well, that wasn’t going to stop me from trying! We had baby #3 on the way, and I was conviced we could have only newborn sized diapers in our house by February. How very wrong I’ve been!

He actually did seem interested. He thought he was big stuff sitting on his Cars toilet seat. Even if he didn’t go, we praised him for sitting on there like a big kid. Then came the pull-ups. I am not a huge fan of these really. I think they are just really expensive diapers. However, they come with Mater and Lightning McQueen printed on them, and well, Lightning and Mater don’t like to be peed on. It makes them sad. That’s what Davis tells us every time he pees on them. “Mater sad Mommy. I pee on him.

Then came the M&M’s, or as Davis calls them MmM’s. Yep, we resorted to bribing. He was so excited each time he got to pick out those blue MmM’s after each time he pottied. Then one day “Mommy, I don’t want MmM’s.” Say whaaaa? What else am I going to bribe you with???

I went to my trusty mommy friends and one of them lead me to this blog post. It is hilarious and full of good ideas. One of them was to buy some newborn diapers that looked exactly like his big ones and say he’d officially “grown out” of diapers. Since I knew I probably wouldn’t make it to the store for a few days and was ready to startrightnow, I just told him the diaper we had was his very last one. Right then and there he said he wanted to wear his underwear. It took me about .5 seconds to whip out those Mr. Incredible underwears! He was so proud of them, he just couldn’t cover them up with pants!! Those babies needed to be shown off! So, he’s been my naked boy for about two weeks now, only wearing clothes when we have to go out in public. We still have an accident here and there, but for the most part, my little man has grown into quite a big boy! And I don’t mind spending a good portion of my days with this view. 🙂



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