In the Moment monday

After busy weekends, Mondays are often a day not many look forward to. I know I usually don’t. It means Casey goes back to work and I’m with the kids all day, juggling the feedings, naps, playing and getting J off to school. And somewhere in all that, an ornery little gnome sneaks in and trashes my kitchen, throws toys all over my floor and empties the laundry basket onto my couch. 

I’ve noticed that I let myself get so wrapped up in the “chaos” that seems to be taking over, that I don’t just sit and spend a moment with God. I know if I did, He would breathe that refreshing wind of peace into me and I would feel calm once again. I know He doesn’t want me to become so overwhelmed with the little things, that I miss the moments. The moments that make up each day, that I’ll one day look back on, and fondly remember just how fleeting they are.

So every Monday, I’m going to reflect on my favorite moments, big or small. And hopefully it can be a tiny inspiration for you to reflect on yours.

God reminded me today that even though Davis has developed quite the attitude lately and pushes me to my limits, his sweet, caring, Buzz loving self is still there. And if I can just take a moment, pick him up, and hug him close, it’s pretty much a guarantee I’ll get a “I love you Mommy. I love you So So Much!”


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