My web-slinger turns 4 // just me & mine

DBD01My sweet boy turned 4! How did that even happen?? I posted myself outside his door and waited for him to wake up. Okay, I may have knocked on it lightly. Patience is not my strongest virtue. But his reaction was priceless!

DBD02I love having crafty friends. My dear friend Erin made this t-shirt and also a Batman themed one for Drew. I adore them!

Because we’ve never been to Disney, we went to the greatest place on earth runner up, Monkey Bizness!

DBD03DBD04DBD05Drew decided that the stairs with the huge “DO NOT CLIMB” sign was much more fun than all those silly slides and jumpy houses.

DBD06DBD07DBD08DBD09The next morning Davis asked if he could have cake for breakfast. How could I say No to SuperBatman?



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