Project 365 {2013 style}

Happy New Year! I (along with most of the world) created a few goals for 2013:

  • 1. Let go and let God
  • 2. Keep up with Project Life & blog about it
  • 3. Complete Project 365
  • 4. Rebrand Danielle Good Photography to reflect ME
  • 5. Move
  • 6. Getting this tummy toned!
  • 7. Drink less coffee
  • 8. Organize
  • 9. Learn to sew
  • 10. Be thankful every day
  • 11. Send more handwritten notes
  • 12. Step out of the box with my photography
  • 13. JUST be true to myself

So, now that I’ve laid it all out there and #7 is shot for the day, let’s move on to #3! Here is day one of Project 365. We got a few inches of snow yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful today, so we decided to let Drew play in it for a few minutes. After 2 steps, he dropped to his knees and stuck his face right in!


I love this kid.


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