Seven // Castle Rock Child Photography

How did we get here already? I know everyone says that time flies and our children grow up in a blink of an eye, but I don’t think I believed it fully. Wasn’t she just the tiny newborn that all the nurses were cooing over? The chunky 6 month old with the best belly laugh? The hilarious 18 month old that didn’t know a stranger? The amazing 2.5 year old who had just become the world’s best big sister? The strong willed 4 year old that made me laugh and cry in the same hour?

Nope, here we are. She’s 7 today and more amazing than ever. Still strong willed, still the best big sister, still has a ridiculous belly laugh. But now she’s 7. And she feels so much older. She’s starting to have “big kid” problems at school. She wants to have quiet time away from her brothers. She wants to join in on the adult conversations. I’m starting to see glimpses of what she might be like when she does grow up, and let me just tell you, she’s going to be amazing!



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