The Birth of Cole Malachy // Castle Rock, Colorado Birth Videography

My friend Erin and I met in an online forum for pregnancy and all things related when I was due with my last baby and she was due with her first. Even though we didn’t even live in the same state, we became friends and met up a few times. When I moved to Colorado, I knew it would be even longer before I would get to see her again! March 17th, the morning of her scheduled induction (yes, the morning of!) some of her friends were messaging with me about doing a birth video as a surprise and I decided to pack up my kids and drive to Omaha! It wasn’t until I entered Nebraska that I sent her a photo of the road sign. To say she was surprised was an understatement! My mom lives to close to where she was delivering, so I dropped everything and headed to the hospital.

She had the quickest induction I’ve ever seen and besides the epi not taking full effect for a bit, she labored beautifully. Her one request, that he wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day baby. 🙂 So they held off for a little bit until midnight struck. Sweet Cole was born at 12:59am and is absolutely perfect.

Congrats sweet friend! Love you! The Birth of Cole Malachy // Danielle Good Photography from Danielle Good on Vimeo.



Just look at those perfect wrinkles!!!

The next morning, I returned for a Just Born session and to catch big brother Grant coming in to meet Cole. He wasn’t super interested at first, but then daddy sat him next to momma and Cole and he was very intrigued to touch his toes and little fingers. Then, Cole let out one of his epic double sneezes and sent Grant flying off the bed! It was so sad and hilarious at the same time! Erin says Grant has finally gotten used to the sneezes, so I guess he wasn’t too traumatized! 🙂



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