The Thomason Family // Denver Family Photographer

This past weekend, I got to visit with one of my local Feb ’12 Mamas. I joined an amazing group of women during my pregnancy with Drew, and we all formed an unbelievable bond. Carla and I were due with our sweet babes in February 2012, but we both ended up having Drew and Charlotte (Sissy) in January instead. I am so thankful to have some local moms from the group now that we are in Colorado. My closest mamas while in Kansas were still 4+ hours away!

Back to the Thomasons! We were on a short deadline of when we could do our session, as daddy Russ is a busy guy! They usually aren’t sure when he’ll be in town or for how long, so I was SO happy we could catch him! I happened to still have a borrowed camera with video in my possession. And I’m so happy I did, because I had a blast making this little movie for them.

The Thomason Family from Danielle Good on Vimeo.

My goal for the (VERY) near future is to have a camera with video to call my very own. But until then, I am still able to borrow one if you would like a movie of your own family. These Just Life Stories are personal to your family, Sunday morning pancakes, going on a hike, or a full “Day in the Life of the (insert your last name here)”. These movies will contain clips, as well as still photographs and will be put to music for you to keep!¬†Contact me¬†soon, as I will only be offering these sessions at a discounted price for a very short time!


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