Third time’s a charm?

I hope that old saying has some truth! When we had Baby #1, we did all the “right” things. Researched the internet until our brains hurt, bought the best baby books out there, scoured every source possible for the perfect name, made sure we got the must have baby products. We swore that our child would never watch t.v., eat anything sugary for breakfast or talk back to us. We would never have to put our child in time out, because “MY child won’t misbehave like all those other heathen children you see running around”. (It’s okay, you can admit you thought it at least once)


And the pictures!! We took pictures at every holiday, each time she met a new family member and whenever she tried a new food. But because we’d never seen it done, we forgot to take a picture every month to show Jordyn’s growth. You better believe we fixed that when Davis arrived and we knew just how fast that first year went.

By the third time around, we have been much more relaxed. Casey suggested the name Drew, and it just was. We didn’t read through the books, used the hand me downs from Davis, and yes, even some from Jordyn (shhh, don’t tell Drew he gets bathed with pink wash clothes). But the one thing I refuse to be lax on is pictures. I want to remember all those details.


And not just the holidays or first steps. I want to see everything, like how big my first two babies look holding their baby brother.


Or how little he is on the table at the doctor’s office for his 2 month visit.


So while he’s already seen a few episodes of Grey’s, and sometimes has to cry while waiting for me to get his brother out of time out for eating cookies at 7am, he’ll be able to look back on all the pictures I’ve taken of him throughout his life and see all those little details of every day life, pink wash cloths and all.


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